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19-30 July 2021
Monday-Friday 9:00am-4:00pm
3500zł (application by 20 June)
3750zł (application after 20 June)
Montessori 3–6 Orientation Training for Assistants or English Language Teachers in Montessori Classroom
The course includes the principles and practices of a Montessori early childhood classroom of children from 3 to 6 years of age. Training will be led in English by Montessori Teachers who have many years’ experience in English speaking Montessori class in Poland and abroad.
Training consist 80 hours of theory and workshops, additionally optional 25 hours of practice in English speaking Montessori Classrooms.
Course will consist:
  • Theory of M. Montessori pedagogy, Child Development phases and needs (Psychology)
  • Observations and charts for student progress
  • Practical Life, Sensorial, Mathematics, Language and Culture in Classroom
  • How introduce English Language in daily life in Polish groups and International groups of children
  • Outdoor space as planned activities and thoughtful garden that offers the challenges for children
  • Art in action
  • Yoga and mindfulness
  • Circle time including sign language
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